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ngngss is considerinin protection bill. stdents who get hit in the head uld have to be evaluated before returning to the game. erica edwards has our report. >> reporter: hard knocks and bone crunching blows are a large part of football. especially among professional players. for younger athletes whose brains are still developing, coussions make it difficult to do their main job effectively. that is school work. >> about 45 minutes, my concentration would be completely gone. >> reporter: the high school honor stunt suffer a brain injury while playing soccer in august. she wa one of several concussion victims and experts who testifiedn capitol hill thursday. they're pushing for legislation to focus on educating students, coaches and parents on recognizing the signs of concussioin all youth sports. not just football. >> in college sports, the rate in is hher in women. >> reporter: student athlete don't have the medical support
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that professional players do and are more likely to go back out on to the playing fl brain damaged. if a concussion go unnoticed. the new standard would encourage coaches to keep players off the feel until they're fully recovered xfl pt say doing so would take not only icreased awareness but a strong shift in sports culture. >> we can work to change this culre so that it is just as unacceptable to ay someone who is concussed as it is to withhold water. >> i think a lot of people think it is a badge of honor to work thank you concussion. players don't ever want to show any vulnerabilities. >> reporter: the hope is that the sports world will turn th sign of weakness into its biggest strength by protecting players. erica edwards, n news. >> here a sobing stat. a government accountability office found between 2005 and 2008 school years, roughly 400,000 concussions occurred in high school sports. singer turned reality star
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bret michaels is expected back in theospital at the beginning of next year. his publicist tell enews he is scheduled for heart surgery in january to reportedly repair a hole inis heart. doctors discovered the problem when michaels was hospitalized last spring. it has been a difficult year for him. the surgery will come months after he suffered a brain hemorrhage and a stroke. the d.c. council chairman vincent zbra the school chancellor michelle rhee wrapped up the post primary get tother today behind closed doors. they offered few words when walking out to reporters. rhee remained tight-pped as question after question was thrown at her. some speculate that's because her employment status remains up in the air as gray is widely expected to become the next mayor. they said it was not a decision making meeting. they just talked education. >> i think one of the things we all agre upon is that we want the best for our ki in the district of columbia. we are going to continue to have
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discussions about the future of our schools in the city. rhee's status as chancellor was a hot topic throughout the primary. she was pointed by adrian fenty. gray ran ads criticizing her for firing hundred of school teachers. there is now a person in custody. neil was run down while riding his bike in the petworth neighborhood. he was ohis way home from rk. >> reporter: mpd arrest ad teenager in this case. they took him into custody last night and believe robbery was the murder behind the shooting that happened just off sherman circle in northwest last month. the 31-year-old was shot after working at a restaurant on the southwest waterfront. he was also a student at caholic university. friends, co-workers and
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neighbors held a candlelight vigil for him. >> he taught me not to judge anybody. anybody would love him. >> reporter: sources also tell news4, the teenager was part of a gang that operated in the area where that shooting occurred. of course we're continuing to follow the story and bring you more details as we getthem in. in the newsroom, news4. police plan to hold a news conference about an hour from now to discuss the arrest. we'll have the latest at 5:00. an ashburn virginia man has been charged in connection with six armed robries across fairfax and loudoun counties. they arrested 29-year-old shawn mabry at his moment yesterday. earlie this month, surveillance cameras captured the suspect using a knife to hole up a hair cuttery. police say mabry's crime spree started when he held up the cash and carry. in september they said he hit
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four salons including three hair utteries and a kfc/taco bell restaurant. he is still in jail with no bond. we have some breaking news out of manassas, virginia, where firefighters are battling a three alarm blaze. this in the 8300 block of sumner lake. at least three town homes are going up in flame. it was initial lay two-alarm and it has been upgraded now again to three alarms. no word on anyone inside or any injuries. we'll bring you the latest later on. a woman evicted from her northwest d.c. home is moving on after an outpouring of public support. eloisa diaz found her things put out on the street after lenny court battle over unpaid rent.
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she had so many thing it stretched for block. a local moving company hped her pack up yesterday after we aired her story on news4 today. we learned that city officials gave her a place to stay last night. we're told she also accepted some counseling that was offered to her. other viewers have also offered to give her a job and a place to live. our first full day of fall feels like one of the hottest days of summer. it was a scorcher out there. meteorologist veronica johnson has the latest. we've got another one in store. >> that for tomorrow. and today, not only have temperatures been up over the 90-degree mark but a little bit of humidity, too. still looking out over the eric you can see the national cathedral in the distance. our temperature as i said are in the 90s, low 90s right now. it's 92 right now at adams morgan as well as berry farm. now 92 degrees. you folks there around suitland and green belt, you're now at 89 degrees. springfield at 91.
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with an east to southeasterly wind, temperature closer to the water temperature of quantico, annapolis and toward leonardtown in the low to mid 80s. so today is our 6th 90-degree day of the year. that'sore than we've had any other year coming after 1980. and during that year, we had 67. i don'think that we'll hit that. we are talking about aattern change and i'll have more details on that coming up a little later. for sure, a south westerly wind for the area. we'll drop off to 83 by 7:00 p.m. and then 78 degrees with clear skies at 9:00 p.m. and down to 76 by 11:00.m. on. your fast forecast for us, a warm and bright night. why? because we still have that full harvest moon out there, right? and we still have jupiter to talk about. meanwhile, some moreecord heat coming our way tomorrow. the pattern change but a little bit of a breezy sunshine first. we'll take alook at the four-y forecast. >> thanks, veronica. stay right there. news4 at 4:00 is just getting
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started. parts of the new health care law have taken effect. we'll find out abouthe new law. reappealing the health care law is one of the promises mde today. and the performance tickled elmo but parents were not amused. why pop star katie perry won't be singing on sesame street.
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we have an update on that breaking story out of manassas. the first pictures out of chopper 4 on that tee-alarm fire in manassas. this is in the subdivision called sumner lake. at least three townhome have gone up in flame. it was initially a two-alarm that was upgraded to three alarms. no word on anyone iide the townhome or if there are any injuries at this hour.
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these are large towome in manassas. also breaking news this afternoon. that's up is jetting the social netorking world. there are a number of report across the internet that facebook is down. many users are reporting trouble acceing the site in the past hour. the "huffington st" reports this is the second time in as many days that the site has been down for an eended period. at 9:00 tonight,irginia is scheduled to carry out its first execution of a woman in nearly a century. 41-year-old theresa lewis is scheduled to die. she was found guilty of hiring two men to kl her husband and stepson in order to cloak $250,000 insurance policy. on tuesday, the u.s. supreme court refused to block her execution. virginia govnor box mcdonald has declined two requests for clemency from her attorneys.
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it is seen as a closi argument to voters with 40 days to go until the mid-term elections, republican leaders unveil their campaign manifesto today. it called the pledge to america. the gop says it would guide them should they regain a majority in congress. kristen dahlgren has detail. >> reporter: in a sterling, virginia hardware store, republican leaders unveil their newest tool. >> the new agenda embodies america's notion that we can simply tax, borrow, and spend our way to prsperity. >> reporter: their pledge to america t slash spending, repeal president obama's health care plan, vote weekly on spending plans and extend the bush tax cuts for everyone. >> all we're saying no tax cuts. that's the first thing first. let get america back into amode of growth. >> reporter: it is similar to 1994's contract with america. that handed night gingrich and
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republans a congressional takeover. this year 21-page promise doesn't include many details or any mention of afghanistan or social security and medicare. >> for reblicans who say they want to cut government spending, it a little ironic they didn't mention either of those with program. >> reporter: and this afternoon democrats push back against the pledge. >> their plan would take us back to the bush years, to a stagnant economyto staggering deficits. >> reporter: while former president clinton, the man in the white house during the congressional coup, offered democrats this advice. >> i believe they should say give us two more years. if it doesn't work, throw us all out. >> reporter: a choice that will be up to the votersoon enough. the latest polls show those voters seem to be fed one government in general. the latest associated press poll indicates three quarters of americans disapprove of the way coress is handling its job. nbc news, washington.
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house spear night gingrich is commenting on the pledge to america. he will the political website, the pledge is a significant boost for republicans but not a home run. here is a reminder. if you use i-270 during the overnight hours. all four lanes of southbound i-270 will be shut downat exit 10. that's the diamond avenue exit for a time tonight into tomorrow morning. the closures will last for two 15-minu interval between midnight and 4:00 a.m. the state highway administration suggests using route 355 as an alternate route. during those closures, crews will be putting up an overhead sign which will link 270 to i-95. residt obama adessed the united nations today. he urged members to push for a peace deal between israel and the palestinians. he suggested the under could welcome a new nation next year.
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palestine. steve handelsmans there. >> reporter: barack obama is still a star at the u.n. the applause was wloud the preside offered a startling possibility for next year. we could have an agreement that would lead to a new member of the united nations, an independent soveeign state of palestine living at peace with israel. >> reporter: can it happen? palestinian president abbas said he'll walk out of talks if israeli prime minister netanyahu does not extend the sellment freze. the president warned israelis, don't delay. more blood will be shed. and mr. obama demanded change from many nations in the hall that hve slammed the jewish is it the for decades. some even back -- >> those who long to see an independent palestine, let's also stop trying to tear down israel. >> reporter: in part to pressure
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israel's most dangerousenemy, iran. mr. obama met with the emier of china who is urging iran tonight build nuclear weapons mr. obama said the door is still open t talks. >> the iranian government must demonstrate a clear and credible commitment and confirm to the world the peaful intent of its nuclear program. >> reporter: throu his diplomats, mahmoud ahmadinejad is signaling that he will. a big blow to mahmoud ahdinejad would be an israeli-palestinian peace. >> now president obama has set a target. palestine independence and a mber nation othe u.n. by this time next ye. at the united nations, i'm steve handelsman, news4. president obama is set to meet later when the japanese prime minister. coming up on news4 at 4:00, if you have a loved one who is suffering from dementia, you know how stressful it can be. a senior care expert offers some advice for caregivers.
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welcome back, summer! >> what season is this? >> we've got one more day of these crazy temperatures to deal with. and out there, you were asking if it is humid. it is slightly humid and it there be sametory tomorrow. current temperature, we're at degrees. tomorrow, a little higher. the heat index at 94 degrees. there's your feel-like factor with the moisture in the air. wind now at eight miles per hour. where do we go from here? with clear skies, we'll drop to 76 by 11:00 p.m. down to 71 by early tomorrow morning. keep in mind our averages now. our average high temperature is running at about 78 degrees. so that overnight low, at least for the city, kind of close to the average hig 91, the temperature here. look at cincinnati at 93. 95 in memphis. that heat, a lot of it hasto
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come east. and the heat that's out there right now down to the south. the moisture, too, feel like 100 degrees in raleigh, north carolina. 96 in memphis, tennessee. like yesterday, we've got the front just to the north of the area. we've got south westerly winds. until the front moves through here, the whole thing, it will be plenty hot out there. right now there are some showers and storms to the west. through cities like detroit and south bend, indiana. for us, a few clouds around the area. still calling it a mostly sunny day for tomorrow. then saturday, the front come hrough. when it does, our temperatures will come down and we'll have a high temperature on sunday of only around 70 degrees. then 70s and 80s for next week. that's our pattern change. the big dip in the jet stream. that's the trough. there will be some moisture coming north. finally some beneficial rain. i'm thinking now several days. here's the reason. the caribbean, starting to wake up. we've got tropical depssion
4:23 pm
number 15 that could become matthew. right now it is a makes its way to the west, we'll bring some heavy rain to nicaragua and honduras and then eventually wll have to watch what this system does. tend of next week there could be another system doing the same thing. the reason is this is the breeding ground right now for late september and october for tropical storms. right in this area here through there, they make their way to the north. the opportunity to get some rain. most of the areas, 25 to 50% below normal rainfall over the last 60 to 90 days. for us, a warm evening. we drop from 87 to 78 degrees. then by tomorrow morning, 67 to 71. again, slightly humid to start out tomorrow. clear skies, record hea but record high temperatures for tomorrow, 94 degrees from 1970. so again, to about 95 to 96. it's going to feel even hotter when you factor in that hidity. for saturday, 87. the front really coming through the area. i think mostly dry. we could have a shower or two.
4:24 pm
then sunda 71,he high. monday, 77 degrees. then as we get into next week, i wanted to show you that wet pattern that i talked about tuesday and wednesday. we'll lk more about that coming up ring the next weather segment. >> thanks, veronica. the alzheimer's association estimates that more than 5 million americans are affected by the disease. with a new case every 70 seconds. it is the seventh leading caus of death. >> caring for someone with dementia can be very dauntin a senior care expertffers advice to help loved ones cope. >> often a senior with this disease can become abusive, verbally and physically further compounds the incredible stress for the family caregiver. to help you betternderstand and care for a relative, suffering from alzheimer's disease, we recommend you follow
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these guidelines. first, read about the disease and its effects so you are prepared asit progresses. second, instead of trying to correct a bern alzheimer's disease, ask them simple questions about their statements. even if they seem sained or about a middle eastern person we living. third, help the person by cueing them to do things for themselves when possible. you'll need to step in if your safety or well being will be compromised in any way. fourth, enlist the help of family and friends to spend time with the senior loved one, to give yorespite. fifth, investigate enlisting the help of a professional care giving service for the everyday task. so you can spend time with your loved ones and appreciate them. certainly caring for a senior loved one with alzheimer's disease is challenging.
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there are a number of helpful internet sites, including the national alzheimer's assiation, and where you can find more information, help, and guidance. >> if you would like to hear these suggestions ain, visit our home page. and search dementia. still to come on 95 at 4:00, parents jam the phone lines after a baby's formula maker announces a recall. and federal health officials rule on the safety of a popular diabetes medication.
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one of the story we're following out of manassas, virginia. firefighters are still baling this three-alarm blaze. it has burned nearly three home to the ground. the smoke, as you can see can be seen out there from seven miles away. this is located in the sumner lane subdivision. >> still no injuries reported. firefighters are spraying other home with water in an effort to keep the flame from spreading. oining us now on the phone is
4:30 pm
gary marquez. he's a neighbor. tell us where you are when all this is unfolding. >> i was at home about ten houses from where the fire started. >> have they evacuated this street? you're still in your home. >> they cordoned off the streets. obviously there are lots of people around the house that's burning. but there is a lot of firefighters, a lot of police officers on the scene. >> gary, how did you get word of the fire? did you their sirens? did you smell smoke? >> i was at a conference meeting in my house and i heard my wife screaming there was a fe. when i went outside the house, all i saw was black smoke coming from our neighb's house. >> tell us about these townhome them look to be very rge.
4:31 pm
do we know if anyone was home at the time? >> don't know yet. nobody seem to know yet. >> we assume you're in a safe place? tell us what the other folk are doing. >> right now it seem like the fire is pretty much under control. everybody started to walk back to their own houses and everybody seems to have a story to tell. >> gary marquez, about ten houses away. at least tee have been destroyed, really, and firefighters were concerned that some of the flame might be spreading to others adjacent there so they are still spraying down hot spots. you see a lot of smoke there. >> it's been a day of reckoning
4:32 pm
for the nation's health insurers. the first changes under the health care reform law took if he can today. insurance company are scrambling to comply. the new provisions include among other thing, additional coverage for children and free young adults. >> reporter: new requirements for health insurance company include free prevent a care. no discrimination against children with preexisting conditions. young people can remain on people's insurance until they are age 26. other changes starting today, no lifetime limits on coverage and no more dropping people from coverage when they get sick. >> today is the day the worst abuses of insurance companies come to an end in america. >> reporter: while democratic support order capitol hill celebrate this day, republicans point to the cost for taxpayers. >> what the american people have told us they want is that we define, repeal and reple. >> reporter: in addition to higher tax for some, health
4:33 pm
insurance company warn that customers should be prepared to pay more for coverage. >> people will see higher costs aociated with those new benefits. they're required to have more coverage and new people out at the policies than previously. >> reporter: insurance company have been working for the past six months since the bill was signed into law to prepare for the changes. investing in new technologynd working with hospital and doctors to try and improve care while containing costs. >> the health plans are having to make a significant amount of change in their own operations. >> reporter: this is only the beginning. the more sweeping reforms are set to take effect four years from now. news4. >> under the new rules, insurer will also have to pay, have their premiums scrutinized by states and federal regulators. the food and dg administration is restricting the use of the diabetes drug avandia. it has been linked to increased risk for cardiovascular problems. the fda will only allow patients with type 2 diabetesto keep
4:34 pm
using avandia if they have run out of other options. european regulators took the restrictions a step further, haling all use of the drug. the makers of avandia release ad statement saying the company is working the fda but continues to believe avandia is an important eatment option for type 2 diabetes. coming up, much more word on the street. pop star katie perry is not going to be appearing on a popular kids' tv program. we'll find out why. [ music throughout ] [ male announce] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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sesame street has deced not to air a duet between katy perry and elmo after several parents complained about her costume. it is a duet about hot and cold with elmo. it was supposed to air later this year. parent who saw it on youtube complained that perry's outfit was too revealing. earlier she call the duet the highlight of my entire career. that is a quote. the phone lines and website of a popular baby formula maker are jammed today after an announcement of a recall. 5 million cans of similac are
4:38 pm
being recalled because beetles and larvae were found in the cans. there are two type. the powder formula and in eight 12.4 and 12.9 ounce containers. no liquid formula is involved. the fda said there is no immediate health risk but infants who drink the affected formula cou get stomach aches. parents who want to know if they have recalled packages can call 1-800-986-8850 or go to when news4 at 4:00 continues, news to put some smiles on the faces of minors who have been trapped for weeks underground. and what would ke some clothing customers strip to their skivvies? how about the sale of a lifetime?
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one new york city clothing store, the merchandise was 100% off its customers' clothing, 90% off. they mst have been big fans of the spanish brand because they waited in line in nothing but their undies for a free suit. the designer gave the first 100 people free closed thing. everyone else, 50% off the rest of the day if their attire is 100% on.
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okay. good. >> when i see stuff like that, i always think back. would i do that if write 21 or 22? and the answer is? >> it depends on the occasion. >> they're not going to do that. >> if they're warm, they haven't been in the mid 90s up there but it warm up there in newyork. >> i'm saying tclothes weren't free. >> in the night sky, it has been spectacular this week. we had our closest pass with jupiter, earth did, in more than several decades. then of course last night we had the super harvest moon. right? now we've got a triple play going on in the sky tonight. not only do we have the full harvest moon but we've got jupiter and then other planet that jim and i always snicker over. the other planet. the one on the left. you see it, right? >> uranus. >> it's in the eastern sky. shining awfully bright.
4:43 pm
the sunset is at 7:04 but the moon will come up before that, 6:52. a few clouds. i'm specking a clear night. our temperature currently are still in the low 90s across the area. we've got 91 degrees right now. mound pleasant and petworth. you folks in la plata, 71. manassas at 91. into fairfax right now. 90 degrees currently. it is slightly humid out there. we talked abt the fact that it is a 90-degree day so late in the season for us. you know, the first full day of fall. our latest last year was on august 27th when we got to 91 degrees. the latest in the last 40 years was back in 2007 when we had a high of 94 o october 9. all right. the pollen count today, back up. 20 grains per cubic meter. rag weed still running high at . a clear night for us. 71 to 72. we'll be starting in the mid 60s. the outlying areas, 62.
4:44 pm
the high tomorrow, 94, going for a record lot of events going on across the area. we've got the inrmation of all the festivals at the silver spring bck party, and the octoberfest at the national harbor. those should be really, really big. >> always something good going on there. >> and we've got our big blue bird bluesfest. have to get that in there. prince george's community college. >> i think it's a big name. >> thanks, veronica. > there is some good news this afternoon for those 33 chilean miners trapped half a mile underground. rescuers believe they can reach them sooner than first expected. natalie morales has the latest from he mine. >> reporter: now day 50 for the 33 trapped miners and crews are working around the clock to try to dig the tunnels that will
4:45 pm
eventually lead to their rescue. officials say they are making good progress for perhaps an earlier rescue. now a hf mile below ground as well. the miners themselve can be doing their part. thehave even been clearing rock from inside the tunnel. they've fallen through the drill site and they're preparing physical and mentally for the day where they will be reunited with their loved ones. in term of a time frame, it is lookinghey may be rescued that first week in november which is much sooner than what was originally reported around that christmas time frame. >> we are still thinking about the first days of november as a date with some certainty. >> that would be good news for the family. but they're hoping in fact at couldn't be sooner than that because as of next week, they're expecting the cap spill will bring the miners to the surface will be arriving on sit so the next couple of weeks will be crucial for the teams here as they continue to drill for those
4:46 pm
miners. from chile, m natalie morales. back to you. >> if thing go according to plan, the chilean engineers say it could reach theiners by the second week of october. it would then take about eight days to shore up the wall before the miners could be pulled out safely coming up coffee talk. >> that's right. some prices are going up at your local star buck. is your favorite on the list? we'll tell you. vandals trget a local nonprofit. why official believe this attack was no know. >> plus an area popular with thters. but find out how one city plan to target drivers back fires. >> have you seen them? they're popping up everywhere. why we're seeing more and what experts say you should do to tackle the pesky problem. think about the inrnet.
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if you like thos fancy coffee drinks at starbucks, you're going to pay more for them. star buck is planning to raise prices on more labor intensive drinks. raw coffee prices have been rising and the company said until now, it's been absorbing those costs. however, soon the largest coffee chain will be passing the cos on to you. however, starbucks says, prices of basic coffee and espresso will remain the same. >> of course, those prices no, problem for the likesf bill gates, the microsoft ceo top forbes' richett americans' list for the 17th year in a row now. he is worth an estimated, get this, $54 billion. up $4 billion from last yer. second is american investor rren buffett at $45 billion. facebook co-founder mark
4:51 pm
zuckerburg made the biggest jump to about $7 billion. he is number 35 on the list. it will be a while before he turns 35 years old. he is a young one. >> it must be nice to wake up in the morning and be worth more every day. still ahead on news4 at 4:00, a cold case update. >> he cut off my pamas and underwear and blindfolded me. >> years after a tear paying the ordeal, this woman breaks her silence in the hope of finding her attacker. the one-time king of home video rentals, forced to take steps to reorganize.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good rean. first, he protected taxloope companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporatio, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer
4:54 pm
funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionas don't need help. middle cde do. video rental giant blockbuster has filed for chapter 11 protection.
4:55 pm
the prearranged deal with bond old letters slash the debt by about $900 million. the chain has been struggling to keep up with other convenient ntal company such as netflix and red box. earlier blockbuster closed about 10% of the stores. the remaining 3,000 stores will remain open. a cold case update now. 17 years ago, a 23-year-old woman was terrorized and raped in her charlie county apartment. she has since moved out of the area but recently she returned and told joe her awful story in the hope of finding her attacker. it started here. july 20th, 1993, in waldorf, maryland. >> this apartment was burglarized. it was the first night of guess two nights of misery. >> reporter: misery for this woman who woke up in the middle of the night and noticed sometng strange.
4:56 pm
>> a lot of the cabinet doors re open in my kitchen. obviously somebody had been in my house. i call the police. >> reporter: she wants peel to know her story, but not her identity. >> i was very scared and freaked out. somebody had been in my house while i was sleeping. >> reporter: she spent t next night with a relative but then went back home. >> i went to bed that night, fell asleep and i was woken up in the middle of the night again with somebody next to my bed with a knife. >> reporter: the man told her to do as she was told, or he would kill her. >> he cut off my jamas and underwear and blindfolded me. and raped me. >> reporter: after the ra, he ordered about here is the hallway where she caught a glimpse of him under the blindfolds. >> the little part, i could see that he was white. i never saw whathe looked like. >> reporter: she said heoon seemed remorseful and admitted that he broke into her home two nights before. he made her bathe to t rid of
4:57 pm
evidence, and then turned violent again. >> he made me go back into the bedroom and raped me again. >> reporter: finally after five hours, he used his knife to cut up sheets, tied her hands and feet, put a gag around her mouth, and left. leaving a pointed insult for police. >> he had taken the original police card of the man who did the report for the break-in and he had put it up on the wall with a knife for my kitchen. >> reporter: afterthat brutal night of terror, the rapist left her apartment with her keys and stole her car which was parked out here. whether he was from around here or t, investigators don't know. but they do knowhat her car was found two weeks later in greensboro, north carolina. >> we have a dna profile also of a possible, person possibly involved. this profile was extracted out of a cigarette recovered from
4:58 pm
the victim's vehicle. >> reporter: so far that dna has not identified a suspect. >> there has never been any other moment in my life that i have ever been so scared. >> reporter: it's been 17 years but it still affects her daily life. >> the biggest thing i think about is the fact tat he is still doing it. who know how many victims he's since me? >> reporter: news4, washington. >> if you have any information that might help intify this rapist, detective keelan asks that you call crime solvers. 1-866-411 tips. that does it for news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. we're following breaking news right now out of manassas, virginia. a fast-moving fire consumed
4:59 pm
several homes. some propties have been reduced to rubble as crews get the upper hand on this blaze. good evening, everybody. welcome to news4 at 5:00. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. the fire broke out in a manassas subdivision called sumner lake. these home are located in the 8300 block of tillett loop. at least five other home have been damaged. firefighters have tried to stop the flame from spreading by spraying other house in the subdivision with water. the flames were still visible and shooting from the homes less than 30 minutes ago with smoke seen from seven miles away. the hop has been call to the scene now. it's not yet clear why so far there have been no confirmed reports of any injuries. joe robertson with the fire department joins us now on the phone. what can you tell us i
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